The Abacus Art Auction


Remember my rats? After the substance exhibition i managed to sell two of them to a girl in America for £50! i was still left with a few knocking around my room though and i didn’t have much use for them. The other day i was told that the Abacus were hosting an art auction to raise funds as they are wonderful and like to host as many free events as possible. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get rid of some rats and give to a great cause, so offered them all of my rats (except for my favourite two).

The art auction was beautiful! There were loads of stalls, Milgis did a pop up bar and cafe, there were loads of activities such as hoolla hooping classes, badge making and a little flower stall.




The items for the art auction were displayed beautifully, i was so impressed with how much effort everyone had put in, it was an amazing occasion! Unfortunately i missed the actual auction but i heard that some of my rats sold for £40 individually! I’ve yet to hear how much money they made overall but I’m sure its a hefty amount as there was a lot of amazing work there. I’m so happy Helen and Sam have managed to make lots of money to keep the Abacus great and also hosted a beautiful day.


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