Eve Mosher ‘Highwaterline’

eve mosher

in 2007 Eve Mosher walked around New York city with a ‘Heavy hitter’ (a machine that paints lines) indicating the area which will be underwater in the next 3-20 years if global warming and ice caps melting, continue. Mosher hoped that the piece would bring awareness to the imminent problem through discussing with people en route and publicity. ‘Highwaterline’ is an excellent example of social art and how change can be bought out. Through having the problem illustrated, it becomes more real and action can be taken. i think that Moshers work is an perfect example for my dissertation, through a simple concept and the power of words, people will become more aware and change can begin. This performance style piece is also very relevant to my subject work as i am considering creating a final piece which involves a performance. The work is very inspiring and really makes me want to see if i can create change through actions and words.


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