Plants for thought 2


So this guy didn’t fare very well in the kiln. Unfortunately he exploded a bit and his features fell off meaning that i can’t use it, but it has been a good lesson. Now i know that I need to be more careful when i add bits of clay when making the piece, I need to make sure that both pieces of clay that i stick together are very wet and merged to make sure that there are no air bubbles which will cause it to explode.

I had another go at making one and came up with these three…




They’re a lot more styleised that my first go and all very individual, I like how they are all different sizes and shapes. I wanted to fire them all and add glazes but everything got a bit busy with half term and the third years trying to finish their final pieces so i tried to think of something else to do with them.

It got a bit hectic when i found out that i could put something in the ‘Look, no hands’ exhibition at the abacus which was halfway through the Easter holidays. I was away for the first two weeks in Greece, so needed to finish one or all of these babies in a few days after i got back before the exhibition. It was a mad few days and i didn’t get as much done as i wanted (i only got the long neck guy done when i would have like to have done all of them) but i was pretty happy with how it came out. I collaged the pot using an emulsion paint to seal the clay and stuck the magazine clippings on with PVA. I collaged Morrocan inspired flower designs onto of the collage base, strongly linking the idea with nature. When it was all finished (after an intense few days) i added a cheery fern!.

Here he is at the exhibition…



There wasn’t much space in the exhibition as there was a lot of artwork so my piece got a spot on top of the piano, which i thought was quite fitting.


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