‘Diary of a reluctant green’ 

This book was a lovely and amusing read, I’ve been meaning to read a book about how to be more green/self sustainable for a long time and this was a great way to ease myself into the mindset. This is one of the first books I read and I feel that it got me really excited about the concepts and was very factual (and a bit shocking). It also made me realize that I do live pretty green, I don’t drive a car and I try to create minimum waste as well as buying second hand as much as I can. It reminded me that I need to try harder to buy local produce with less mileage and less packaging but apart from that made me feel pretty good about myself!

Since reading this book i have started washing my hair with only water, meaning that i am cutting down on some plastics as well as not supporting the production of large company products (as well as being a lot nicer to my hair). I have also started collecting my non recyclable rubbish, which is really showing me how much of my waste will go to landfill as well as indicating to me what products i shouldn’t buy to try and avoid them.

One day i would love to own solar panels and grow as much of my own veg as possible, i feel that this is all just beginning steps into something bigger.


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