My sixth shelter 

I have finally done it, I’ve stayed overnight in one of my homes! This time the shelter was made at my home in saltford (between bristol and bath) in a patch of trees called the millennium woods.

We set out for the day not quite sure what was going to happen, we were excited about the prospect of staying in the woods overnight but there had been talk of rain and it was already mid afternoon. We decided to go find a spot, start building and see what happened. I took a disposable camera to add a bit more adventure and magic to ye trip, you just never know what you’re going to get with disposables.



Although the shelter didn’t turn out as well as some of the others (we had a bit of difficulty finding enough fallen wood in the area) the branches acted as a skeleton which we draped blankets over. crotchet blankets were particularly effective as in the morning the sun shone through the knitting making the shelter into a beautiful den. We filled the inside with carry mats and blankets resulting in a pretty decent bed which was comfy and warm and spent the evening sat around a fire. i had a wonderful time listening to all the animal sounds as i fell asleep and woke up to early morning walkers with curious dogs who tried to get in bed with us.

I cant wait to do it again, I’ve been camping many times before, but there is something wonderful about spending the day building your home. i will try and do as many as i can in the near future to prepare myself for the week long dissertation experiment and just because its great.

I also really love the photos which came out of this adventure, i would like to create more and possibly turn them into some form of a final piece.


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