I really love the idea of being close to nature. My home is filled with these fellas…             I believe that being close to nature and having plants inside the house is hugely beneficial, i think it makes me happier, the sun shines through the leaves beautifully and they really brighten up the room. Maybe its also the happiness that comes with taking care of something, in knowing that these guys lives rely on me watering makes me feel like a mother nature.

I found this lovely little article that talks about health benefits of house plants which only makes me want to get more!

I like the idea of creating a large scale outside/Inside instillation, possibly creating a garden in my space at uni, where there would be grass on the floor and everyone could come into my space and experience the benefits of plants inside, also experiencing nature without stepping out of their comfort zone.

I also really like the idea of the inside outside, such as camping. This is like the opposide of having indoor plants, simply taking a few essentail ‘home’ items to fully envelop yourself in nature.


Recently i have been making a lot of outdoor structures, but i have simply made them and left to allow them to sink back into nature. I think i would like to start staying in my shelters overnight in order to fully experience them. I have been camping a lot in my childhood and always enjoyed it, but never in a shelter i have made myself. I think this will be a really exciting test of my structure building as well as my ability to cope outdoors. I will need to be organised and efficient in my packing to make sure i don’t pack too much, but at the same time not enough. In our safe warm houses we can forget how brutal the outdoors can be! I believe this could be this first steps into something much bigger, I’ve always wanted to create my own house one day and this could be the beginning. I will spend a night out in one of my shelters as soon as possible and document it with pictures, let the adventure begin!


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