My fith shelter 

During my holiday to Greece over ester I thought it would be a whole lot of fun to make a house! I began by finding this magnificent tree. It was huge and aged and turned out to be hollow inside! I began to build my house up around the entrance to the hollow centre.

 As well as this being a first for wise old trees it was also the first time that I used stones.

I began with a layer of the biggest stones I could find, placing them on the floor around the hollow area of the tree and building them up the side of the tree which sloped to the ground. I filled the gaps with smaller stones and supported the stones with branches as the wall got higher. I worked out a nifty method of jamming the branches between the stones and the tree creating a strong platform which I could add more stones to.

After lots of stratigic placing and lots of stones falling off it was finished. I’m so happy with how it all worked out, although I feel that most of the credit need to go to the tree as the structure was largely based around its fabulousness. It was also really great to use stones. I was really lucky because there were so many lying around in the area that I chose, but I feel that they really strengthen the shelter and make it seem much more professional. I felt that the house really looked as if it was supposed to be there, it was like a little Greek hobbit home. I like to think that maybe the locals won’t even notice it because it blends in so well.


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