My fourth shelter 

On the day of the eclipse we climbed Garth mountain to celebrate the occasion. It was a beautiful morning filled with friends, the sun and partial blindness. After the eclipse had done its thing we decided to walk back to the train station through the woods and thought it would be a perfect day to make a house. 

We found a little ditch in the ground with a tree growing next to it which we felt was the perfect place to start. The ditch meant that the house was a little bigger than it would have been otherwise and felt more protected. The tree meant that we had a starting point as could lean branches that we found against this one. 

We began by creating a frame with the biggest and strongest branches, this meant that the structure would be stable for us to add smaller twigs to try and fill the gaps best we could. It would be great to start covering the houses with something, possibly shrubbery (we couldn’t find any) or be organised and find a material to cover. 


In no time the majority of the gaps were filled and our job was done.


As we walked alway the shelter was dwarfed by the surrounding trees. It wasn’t long before it was out of sight. I like to think that people will come across our little home and it will cause them to wonder and maybe even create some excitement and adventure in their hearts, maybe they’ll sit in it, or oneday build one themselves. What a beautiful end to a wonderful day.


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