My third shelter


Recently I had a go at making my third shelter. I decided that I wanted to use wool, which I was a bit iffy about as it isn’t a found material and isn’t great for the environment. But baby bird season is approaching, so I convinced myself it could be used for nests. After being very inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, I wanted to create something in a similar style to him. As you can see it’s not very habitable but that wasn’t really the idea with this one, I wanted to test the possibilities and boundaries of shelter building. 



 I created my shelter by stratigically tying pieces of wool around the tree and to little branches which I stuck in the mud. I tried to create a colour pattern which I felt gave the home a bit of order as well as giving a somewhat monotonous task a bit of a challenge. It took a very long time to build up something of a barrier but I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with and I’m glad I tried out the material. If I were to recreate the piece, I would work on making the appearance of the top half more natural. I feel that the sharp cut off line somewhat ruins the appearance of the piece.



These trees are the reason I chose to make my home in the area. Many had broken and fallen down and I felt that there was a lot of energy and electricity in the area. Nature showing how powerful it can be.


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