A12 collective 

The A12’s current members consist of Andrea Balestrero, Gianandrea Barreca, Antonella Bruzzese, Maddalena De Ferran and Massimiliano Marchica who all live and work in Milan. The groups work mainly revolves around architecture and they focus on the transformation of contempory cities and the role of architecture in cultural and social areas. 

They produce numerous pieces of architecture where nature is incooperated and a centre piece. The work they created for the Busan Biennale in 2006 particularly interests me.

Green Room is an instillation piece, built in a busy area of South Korea. The outside looks a bit like a travel box for a large animal and is purposefully plain and deceptive. Once you walk inside you are immersed in nature, as if you have been transported into a different part of the world. This space is juxpositioned by its outward surroundings, making the experience unexpected and intense. The aim of this piece is to make visitors more aware of nature and the attempt of western civilisation to separate it from our everyday lives. It ideals of a world where we do not lie a long side nature but become one with it. 

I am in love with the idea of plant instillation and this picef is a kick start into that world. Enlightening audiences through the use of beautiful nature is pure and incorruptible, allowing the viewer to make their own perceptions and feel at one with nature. 


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