Volunteering in cardiff

So the other day i popped over to the Brunel House to visit the Voluntary community center and see if there was anything up my street. I was met by some wonderful people who listened to what i was interested in and gave me a few suggestions. A few options came up, such as helping manage and upkeep at a sensory garden for people with cerebral palsy and working on a public garden with other like minded people. There was one option that particularly interested me that said it offered a chance to learn skills such as planting on a budget, creating hedge rows and pond restoration. I felt like this would be a great opportunity to get closer to nature and learn some new skills! I went away from the center feeling light hearted and excited, all i need to do now is get in touch with the companies and see if they wold be interested in me. This is something i may do in the summer as i feel that it may be a little to busy now, but definitely something i want to look into soon!

Here is the volunteering site: http://www.vcscardiff.org.uk/


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