No more taxidermy

Alas, I must stop taxidermy. I have been thinking about it a lot recently and come to the conclusion that I just cant do it anymore. Even though I am still full of ideas, it just doesn’t feel right anymore. It sucks because I’ve got a freezer full of animals and the beginning of a good reputation that I’ll be giving up, but I figure the sooner I stop, I can start to figure everything out again.

It will be difficult and confusing, going from feeling totally comfortable and safe in my means of work to being completely unsure what my work is but it is a necessary step to finding my true self and means I can get back on track sooner than later. My plan is to do lots of experimenting and go back to what I know I love. I’ve always been thoroughly influenced by nature and would like to explore it in a more admiring way than destructive. I will begin by looking at other artists that are inspired by nature and try to fully envelop myself with nature to gather inspiration and ideas. I would like to try out new methods and medias of working as well as going back to ones I know I enjoy such as clay. Hopefully the volunteer work will help me meet the right people who are interested in similar things to me, expanding my horizons.

At the end of last year I had just begun my adventure into taxidermy, but I had also created multiple pieces to do with flowers.

1498818_609583222471753_7859074648627828988_o - Copy 10011712_609582849138457_5026625573434209056_o - Copy 10269035_609583272471748_8771552741011606344_o - Copy 10275573_609583452471730_8181253725172218524_o - Copy 10286850_609583415805067_8121446019727121543_o - Copy 10321024_609582925805116_9032673442801269742_o - Copy 10333395_609582859138456_8452081954547379403_o - Copy

This is something I would like to return to, the appreciation of nature without stepping over the line. I’ve begun to feel that taxidermy is a poor attempt to recreate nature when it should be appreciated for what it is. I began to feel that I was playing God and taking advantage of our ‘superiority’ over other animals. I want to begin to look at life in a new way, where everyone and everything is equal, we do not own the planet and everything on it, we are simply another species that have evolved to the top of the food chain and we need to use our intellectuality with grace and wisdom, to take care of the planet, not abuse it. I considered the fact that you wouldn’t stuff a human without their permission, so neither should you an animal.

Well, here we go. Its going to be a bit scary and difficult at times but I know I’ll pull through and end up in an area of work that I really believe in.


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