Leaving a positive mark

I feel that I have gotten to a stage in my life where I’ve realised I have a lot of potential to help change. I am a young voice that can make a positive difference in the world and I feel that now is the time to start. I feel that I was starting to struggle with work as I felt like it had no strong motive and had little impact in the world. I want to create work that can change opinions and create a better world.

Specifically I want to focus on the environment and animals. These are two areas that I am very passionate about and would love to make a difference in. I have begun to make changes in my life, such as becoming vegetarian and possibly began in the future, as well as cutting down on the plastics and new products I buy. Although these sound like small things, they will make a difference (I know very small but at least it’s still happening) and I am an avocado for change. Every person I talk to about my thoughts will have a seed planted in their mind which may bloom one day.

Tomorrow I am planning to go visit the voulenteering centre. There I hope I can choose charities that have the same idealologies as me and surround myself with them, which will influence and inspire my work as well as being a big help for the causes I believe in.

This feels like a big step in my work and a theme I will always continue.


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