Elsbeth diederix

This beautifully elegant photography piece by Elsbeth Diederix is enchanting. It empowers nature with an untouchable magnificence and flawlesness.

It reminds me of when I was standing in my house mates room earlier this week and the sun was causing the flowers on her windowsill to create shadows on my jumper. I would love to create something similar onto skin as it was so enchanting. I may need to wait a few more weeks for spring to come around first though.


Recently the forget me nots started to bloom (my favourite flower) and i tried experimenting with putting them in my hair. They are so graceful and beautiful, i think i will experiment with other flowers, possibly building up an appendix of flower hair!




I’ve also been experimenting with flowers and creating shadows on the body. These ones were done with dried flowers, i’d be interested in seeing how it would look with fresh ones. I’d really like to try this again sometime as i think the results could be quite graceful.


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