Aureline Arbet and Jeremie Egry

This human made, demin jacket has been overrun by nature. Stalks and leaves cascade out of its pokets to show nothing is safe from nature, inevitably.

I love the idea of this piece, it inspires me to find objects and document them being taken over by my green friends. I will start collecting interesting objects!


I’ve recently started collecting items that i have found and i seem to have found an abundance of gloves! I currently have three pegged up in my room…


And hopefully some little plant babies will emerge soon! i filled all the gloves with indoor compost and popped a few seeds in each one, so now we just play the waiting game. They’re a little hard to water because the water drips out of the cotton, but if i am careful to put just the right amount of water in its not too messy.

I would really like to create an outfit that involves growing plants, such as plants in the pockets. I’m currently on the search for the right piece of clothing.


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