Tessa farmer

So Tessa farmer might be my new favourite person. She’s an exciting artist who showed her work at the Holburne museum in bath last year, through a take over of the ceramics section.

You can see the full detail in her other images…





She uses tiny dried insects and creates little sprites that wage war with each other while riding the insects. Her imaginative creatures cast magic and mystery in my mind, creating a whole new world of potential. Her use of animals is so delicate and beautiful it gives the animal kingdom a mystical power.

I partially love the idea of a take over. By bringing this beauty and magic into an area that we perceive as normal, the beauty of the piece is amplified and I feel, much more impacting on the viewer.
I would love to attempt a take over. It’s something that may have to be done in the long run as I would have to create a lot of work and agree with a place or shop front, but it is definitely something I can work towards. For the time being ill just focus on the magic.


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