Field Two Overview

I chose to do the Moroccan field project as I felt it was something which would open my mind. Morocco has such a vastly different culture to ours and is like no other place I have experienced before., I believed it would take me out of my comfort zone and be a life changing event. Through experience, I have found university trips to be the perfect grounds to discover a new country, feeling that I am independent but at the same time have a safe fall back, the perfect recipe for adventure and enlightenment. I found the work we did before the trip really useful as a skill for planning and organizing. Before the itinerary work I had little knowledge about morocco, but through researching I learnt a lot about the country and discovered places and facts that may have been overlooked otherwise. Contradictory to my usual behavior, I felt as if I was one of the most organised people on the trip. I took a travel guide with me which was ridiculously useful and often other people asked to borrow it. I believe that the organisation and preparation I have learnt through this project will become something I always carry out before I visit a new country as it made the whole experience better. The actual trip was mind mindbogglingly wonderful. It showed me a whole new way of life and changed my perception on a number of things. Before the trip I had been slowing adjusting myself to a vegetarian lifestyle, but in morocco I ate my last piece of meat which was encouraged by other people I met on the trip and through what I witnessed in the Moroccan markets. I feel that this has been a big moment for me as I started to see things in a different way and it was the beginning of my decision to stop taxidermy and follow a new way of life. I was also amazed and inspired by the beautiful decoration in the country, being surrounded by colours and patterns really inspired me and made me want to fill my life with beauty. I particularly loved the flower designs that were painted on wood and they were the main inspiration for the embroidery pieces that I created.  I thoroughly enjoyed the embroidery work that I created and learnt a lot of new skills from the textiles teachers once we were home. It is something I have always wanted to try out and feel that with more practice could become more skilled at. In third year I would like to do a lot more embroidery work, and possibly even make it my main practice. I cannot fathom how great the trip and the project were, I truly enjoyed every second of it and would love to immerse myself in Morocco again. I feel that I am now more cultured and aware of my place in the world, as well as being more open minded and aware of possibilities and ideas.


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