Final piece plan

Now that I have decided on and created embroidery designs for my seasonal flowers I have created some rough final piece plans.



This is my idea for the spring rat, I have placed the flower in the centre with simple patterning around it, the leaves would be green as in my tester taxidermy piece and the eye embroidery would be yellow to fit with the flower.



This is my idea for the summer rat, it is very similar to the spring except the use of the summer flower and the eye embroidery would be blue.



This is my idea for the autumn rat, again very similar but with the autumn flower and pink for the eyes.



This is my plan for winter, again the same but using the winter flower and dark red for the eyes.

To display them, I would like to put them into deep, white, individual frames that would pin point all of the attention on the rat. I could display them on the wall in this fashion or I could display them in a similar style to the Islamic gardens, with two onto of the other. I feel that this will create a very clean cut, sterile appearance that juxtaposition with the ideology of rats.

Although the ideas are simple, I feel they will become very busy once embroidered. I may also add to these designs in the future, adding more depth and pattern.


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