Test embroidering the seasonal Moroccan flowers

Over the last couple of days I’ve been test embroidering my chosen seasonal Moroccan flowers. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and especially how fast I managed to do them, I feel like I’m really getting the hand of embroidering.


The first one I tried out was Gaznia, the Moroccan flower of spring. I was so happy with this one went, I felt that the colours and use of beading were perfect. I don’t think I will change this one in any way when I attempt it on the rat skin.


Next I tried out Protea, the Moroccan flower of winter. I felt very worried about how this one was going when I was doing it, but I stuck through and I’m quite happy with the result. Although I did improvise a bit with the beading, I felt this was needed to define the petals as the wool colours were a bit off. When I re do this pattern I will look into other colours and maybe work out a different strategy for defining the petals but this one has definitely grown on me.


Next I attempted an Orange blossom, the Moroccan flower of summer. Okay this one doesn’t look much like the flower but that’s because I have no white wool. While this is a pretty big flaw, it’s a needed as I don’t think I can do a white flower on a white rat. I feel that the blue adds a touch of Impressionism and Moroccan colour to the flower, so I may keep it. The only problem that I have with this flower is the petals, I think they’re a bit too big, wonky and different sizes. This is something I’ll work to improve on.


Finally I tried out Nerine bowdeni, the Moroccan flower of autumn. I think this ones got to be my favourite, I just love how different it looks to the others. I can’t think of anyway I would change it, even the colours which don’t work on the Protea, work great on this one. I’m happy with this one for my final piece!

Overall I’m very proud of myself and how well I managed to create these flowers with my very little experience of embroidering. I think all the different shapes look great together and I can’t wait to see them finished.


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