Test embroidering on skin

The day finally arrived for me to have a go at embroidering on skin. From my previous experience of embroidering I knew that this would take a long time and would potentially mean me defrosting and refreezing the rat multiple times until the embroidery was complete.

This is how he looked after the first instalment of embroidery. I was pretty happy with how it went, I found that the skin was easy to stitch with my sharp needle and that the skin dried out quite fast making it more manageable, although I realised this might be a problem later. It took me about three rounds of freezing to complete and I was very happy it was over. Although the stitching was pretty easy, the hair constantly got stuck over the stitch in the wrong places and it gets very tiring and sore looking down that much. This is definitely something I want to pursue further though so these are all things I’m going to have to get used to.

Finally I got this guy stuffed, which came with its difficulties. It turned out that over the stitching process the skin had dried out a lot, particularly the back and eyes. This made the skin very inflexible and dehydrated. Luckily I managed to sort this problem out by adding some spare canvas to the stomach. This meant that I was able to make the body look the right shape, but at the cost of the stomach, which I have managed to hide. Next time I will try to do all the embroidery in one sitting or keep the skin hydrated by using water. I am happy with how the rat looks, especially as it is my first one. Hopefully it will dry as planned.


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