Having a go at embroidery

So like I said, I knew that I wanted to do embroidery since the beginning of this project and now it’s time to really do some. I have looked through all of my Moroccan wood paintings, which I decided I wanted as my inspiration and chose this photo to work from.

With an idea in mind and ladened with wool I had chosen from the market, I took myself over to the stitch workshop. Here I was shown a few stitch methods, such as how to create curved lines which was very helpful.



I pulled some canvas across an embroidery ring to make it taut and drew an outline of my design out in pencil to follow.

For my first go at embroidery I think it went pretty well. Although it isn’t quite finished, there’s a few beads missing on the side. I’m happy with how neat it is and it was great to try the curled lines method as when I have done embroidery before I have ended up with jagged lines. It’s only up from here! I am also really happy with my choice to use wool as it means I need to do less stitches and I feel it has a fuzzy Moroccan finish. Next I want to try having a go at doing the embroidery on rat skin as a material test for the future. I’m not sure how it will go but practice will make perfect (I hope).


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