The pink city, day seven

Today we woke up a little sad as it was time to go home. We got ourselves out of bed, a little later than we would’ve liked due to last nights antics, hit breakfast and the souks as quick as we could! We had to pack before we left as we needed to be checked out of our rooms before 11am. Today was the day of desperate shopping, we searched through the souks, looking for what we needed. After a few hours of very intense shopping we headed back to the Riad to pick up our friends for our last lunch. We decided to go to the balcony place we had been two times previously as we felt it was good value for money and very quick and friendly. This gave us one last chance to look over Marrakesh and soak it all up. We could head snake charmers playing and the general hustle bustle of the city floating up towards us and making us regret our light home in a few hours. Finally we decided it was time to wander back to the Riad to catch the coach to the airport. There was a bit of last minute shopping on the way, I’m a sucker for wanting to spend all my money, but eventually it was time to go home. The coach ride was very sad, but we got to have a nice last look at everything as we drove past and feel the warm sun for the last time in a few months.

Now that I’m home, i miss the sun, the people and the smells. I cant wait to be back in those busy souks.


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