The pink city, day five

Today we became aware that our time in Marrakesh was running out and that we need to do the things we really wanted to do which we decided was the Badi Palace and the Bahia Palace. But first we had some organized group tutorials that we needed to attend. I felt like this was really helpful and well situated in the week as we were all getting to grips with what we were influenced by and where we wanted to take it. It was also really interesting to listen to other peoples views on morocco and what they found inspiring, as lots of people did other subjects, this was quite varied. When it came to my turn i discussed my taxidermy and how i was influenced by the Moroccan nature patterns show on wood paintings. I also talked about how i wanted to try embroidery out and where it might lead to. My feed back was very helpful, i was told to focus on the wood paintings and to discover Moroccan thoughts on taxidermy and rats.

After tutorials we ventured to the Badi Palace (the cat palace) which were mostly ruins. Here we sat in the sun and soaked up the surroundings which consisted of lots of cranes! this was pretty exciting as i had never seen one before and they flew with their legs stuck out which looked very silly. We climbed up to the highest point which gave us a beautiful view of the city and surveyed the roof tops. It is very easy to look over the city of Marrakesh as buildings are not allowed to be more than four storeys high (i think because the ground can be unstable when wet).

IMG_2293IMG_2294IMG_2296IMG_2298IMG_2297When we were hungry we wandered into the streets in the direction of the Bahia Palace for some good cheap lunch, where we met this fella!

IMG_2299When we were full and happy we made our way to the Bahia palace, which was beautifully decorated, but containing no furniture. I feel that the lack of furniture is a shame as it doesn’t allow you to fully understand how the owners may have lived but it does allow you to fully appreciate the architecture. Here i found many more perfect wood paintings for my project that were much more varied than i had seen before. Here we also bumped into loads more cats which we fed chicken scraps from our lunch,

IMG_2302 IMG_2313 IMG_2312  IMG_2310 IMG_2309 IMG_2308 IMG_2307 IMG_2306 IMG_2305 IMG_2304 IMG_2303As the sun started to go down and the Palace closed we made our way back to the Riad in order to meet other people to take them to Mylos exhibition opening. As we made our way over everyone was happy and excited and we were there in no time! The Yorkshire man was excited to see us again and we were amazed my Mylos collaboration piece. We sat down for milkshakes, unfortunately that had run out of almond but date was almost good enough. At 7 there was traditional Moroccan story telling which was a beautiful was to spend the evening. Students of the main storyteller told traditional stories in English which contained important life lessons and morals. Eventually the main storyteller who was wearing robes and had a large walking stick took centre stage and told a story in Arabic. Although we didn’t understand any of it, we felt the power of the words and felt moved.

IMG_2316Eventually it was time to leave and we began the walk back to the square. We decided that because it was almost our last night we wanted to have a wander around the square, have some tea and do some shopping. I ended up buying what we think is a large fish vertebrae and we had a good dance at a Moroccan music stall. It was an evening filled with laughter and fun that put us straight to sleep when we eventually got in bed.


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