The pink city, day three

Today we decided to have our own adventures in the souks, but before we got there we coincidentally ran into one of my friends from home in the street. We agreed to meet at a bar later in the night and carried on our way to the souks. After getting lost and finding our way yesterday we felt that we were ready to handle it and entered the souks the same way as on Sunday so that we could understand our bearings. At this point we were kind of getting used to haggling and we didn’t feel too bad laughing at their first offers. We wandered the souks for a few hours filling our bags with gifts until we ended up back at the main square.


There was an option to visit various galleries with a Moroccan artist with the rest of our group in the afternoon and as my friend Felicity wanted to go we popped back to the Riad to dump our stuff we’d bought in the day, regroup and recover. After a little while we were ready to conquer the souks again and lost ourselves in their windy streets. After a while we decided to stop for lunch and found a lovely little cafe in a small square. There we ate olives, dipped bread in oil and sipped on mint tea whilst watching the hustle and bustle of the small square. Donkeys with carts passed by and everyone went on with their everyday business. once we were fed and rested we ventured back for a teeny bit more souks (i know we’re crazy).

Around half 8 we began to wander over to the bar where we’d organized to meet Nikita. There are very few places that sell alcohol in Marrakesh as it is a muslim country and i believe it is difficult to get alcohol licenses. For Morocco it was very pricey, around dh75 for a cocktail (about £5) but luckliy it was happy hour making it 2 for 1. We stuck around for a drink whilst a belly dancer danced on the table and a woman danced with a tray full of candles on her head. Eventually the long day got to us and we decided to wander home.


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