The pink city, day two

Last night our friend Milo told us that he had organized an art collaboration with a Marrakesh artist and that he needed to be at a place called Cafe Clock for 11am. We were pretty excited about this, it sounded like an amazing opportunity and we were all keen to go with him. Kind of unsure where we were going we attempted to work out a route and did our best to follow it. We walked across busy roads (no traffic lights or lanes make them very dangerous and difficult to cross), through tiny windy paths where kids played football and through market places where cows heads hung upside down with their tongues hanging out. Eventually we arrived at the cafe where a jolly Yorkshire man greeted us. While Milo talked business i ordered the best milkshake of my life, a pint sized almond and ice cream wonder. We spent the next hour drawing and chatting and enjoying the rooftop views and sun.



Eventually it was time to leave Milo and some of our other friends as we needed to be back at the Riad so we could go visit the blind children at their school with the rest of our group. This was something our leader had done the year previously and she assured us it was a very rewarding experience as the children would really appreciate our visit. Unfortunately when we did arrive we realised that the majority of the children were on holiday and we wouldn’t be able to see them. This was a shame but the experience was enlightening all the same. We were able to speak to some of the blind and visually impaired people at the school who although did not speak much English, i felt they appreciated our visit. We also learnt that the school had a brail machine that would translate words typed into the computed into brail the blind could read. We wrote them a message and were amazing to watch them read it. Eventually it was time to leave and we began the journey back.

IMG_2132We had decided to walk with the group as we hadn’t been out of the old city much and it was exciting to adventure, although my map didn’t stretch out that far. It was all going well and we were enjoying the light stroll with the sun on our faces when there was an accident on the road. A woman had fallen off of her motorbike in the middle of the road when another bike had collided with her. At this point we didn’t see the group turn back to help and when we looked again they were gone. We suddenly realized that me, Mabli and Heather would have to make our own way home. It was pretty simple getting back into the old city, it probably took us about 20 minutes but we just followed the straight road that we were sure we had driven down on the way there. Once we were inside the old city we became aware of the time, it was quarter to six and the sun set between six and half six, we needed to get to somewhere we recognized before it was dark! We followed what we believed to be the largest point in the city, which would’ve led us near to our Riad when suddenly we realized we were going completely the wrong way! Eventually we managed to get back to the main square after a lot of directions asking and fast walking and just in time as the sun was setting!

IMG_2134 IMG_2136


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