It’s almost time for Morocco!

It’s only two days now until we depart for the wonderful sunny land of Morocco! As part of the project we have been asked to create an itinerary of all the places we want to go to and things we want to do. This will be helpful for the project, but will also be great for the trip as it means that we already (somewhat) understand the place and what we want to do. This also helped me get even more excited about going (if that’s even possible) as I read up on all the interesting places and looked at so many sunny pictures.



the Bahia palace

La Bahia (the beautiful) has floor to ceiling decorations begin in 1860. The unfurnished palace once lived in by Bou Ahmads four wives and 24 concubines.

saadian tombs

The site of the lavish tomb of Ahmed Al-Mansor ed-Dahbi made from Italian marble and pure gold. Inside the chamber of the three niches lies his favourite sons and the grounds outside contain the tombs of 170 chancellors and wives.

djemaa el-fna

Filled with snake charmers, markets, food and monkeys the main square in the medina was first a site for public executions in 1050AD and is now the bustling centre of the city.


The shanty villages of markets that create small and winding alleyways filled with everything you could ever want. The souks have many different quarters such as dyers and blacksmiths that have their own space in the souks. Here you can see traditional methods used to create the delights that fill the souks.

These are just a few of the things that I have looked into for the trip, I can’t wait to see them with my own eyes.

When I first decided I wanted to go on the trip I decided that I wanted to try embroidering into rats skin in Moroccan patterns. This is something that I am still very interested in, meaning that on the trip I will be focusing on Moroccan patterns, wherever they may occur. I have also always had a soft spot for ceramics so will be scouting out for some good pieces. I feel that this will also tie in with my search for patterns as I have heard and seen from photos how decorative and covered in tiles Morocco is.

I really can’t wait to see all of the sites for myself and begin on what I’m sure will be a very exciting and character building project. Oh and if this trip couldn’t get any better, we were told today that we have been sponsored by outward mobility, making the whole thing free!


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