Entering Morocco with an open mind

We had a lecture today concerning the idea of pre conceptions and how we might avoid this. Everyone is guilty of judging a place before you visit it, the culture, the people and the environment. We learn these pre conceptions through the media and through friends which paint a picture in our mind. The preconceptions I have of Morocco involve snake charmers, camels, loud bustling markets and lots of sun but I need to remember that, that’s not what it’s all about. We English people arnt just bad teeth, posh accents and tea, there’s always a person underneath.

My goal for Morocco is to forget all my preconceptions and enter the country with an open mind, everything I see will be new and I will create my own view on Morocco. I have to also be aware of people’s preconceptions to me. To Moroccans I will appear as a white, English student with blonde(ish) hair. They may think that I have a lot of money and have a better quality of life but I must break down their preconceptions by talking to locals and showing them that I am also just a person.


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