Dried guys

I checked on these fellas the other day and they’ve finished drying. These are two that I was slightly worried about tail-wise but they seem to be doing okay now. I’ve been thinking about why my rats tails are not drying as well as they used to and I think it might be down to my tanning solution. When I began taxidermy, I bought a kit that contained everything you needed to skin and stuff a mouse. In this contained a bottle of tanning solution that is like gold to me. I am kind of unsure of the historical way of tanning hides, I have googled it but it has confused me a little so I have stuck with this magic bottle. But unfortunately this bottle is running out! I’ve been using smaller and smaller amount of it every time I stuff a rat in order to conserve it. I think I need to look for a new way to tan the rats or try and find this magic stuff again.

But for now these two have dried and everything is okay!


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