Funky tails

Some of my rat tails don’t seem to be drying in quite the way I want. It’s been a few weeks and they should feel pretty rock solid and they should hold their shapes but some of them are a bit squishy. I’m not too worried because they are still holding their shape a bit, I think they just need a bit of extra help drying out.

So I’ve sprinkled some borax powder over their bodies and tails that should soak up any extra moister and my rats should be as good as new!

I will post an update once there has been a change (hopefully very soon).


3 thoughts on “Funky tails

  1. You might want to try injecting the tail with Denatured Alcohol. (You can get the stuff at most home improvement shops.) Denatured alcohol is ethanol that has been irreversibly poisoned so that it can’t be consumed. The alcohol acts as a bacterium will kill any rotten smell and it tightens the skin so that you don’t get squishy bits.

    1. Oh thank you so much, that is sososo helpful, i didnt know that! Some of them are hardening up so i dont think itll be a problem but i will defintely look into it to try out! I hope yoh have a lovely day.

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