Colour matching

We had our second session of colour workshop the other day and it was great.

We were doing colour matching which I’ve tried before (my mum wanted me to colour match our wallpaper to paint over scratched bits and yes I did a very bad job) but now I can do it properly.

Seeing as we learnt the colourweel a few days before, we were able to understand what colours we needed to get a match but it wasn’t as simple as that. The teensiest amount of colour could make a huge difference so it was very easy to mess up. But eventually I managed to colour match 3 magazine samples (each one took me about half an hour!) yay!

We then began matching small samples of fruits and vegetables which was much harder as they contained so many variety of colours in one tiny sample. We also needed to learn the earth colours, such as yellow ochre which created a duller appearance. But finally I did it!

Colour matching a grapefruit.

Colour matching a green cabbage.

Colour matching a red cabbage.

I really love the appearance of the samples, the colours are all so similar but with the smallest variations.


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