Two new souls

Today I tried full colour ‘pillar box red’ and ‘violet’. These are both very vibrant colours, but from my previous dabblings we know that the first coat of dye can achieve very faded results. This was also my first go at stuffing from the belly first but you’ll have to go check out my other blog (3 or 4 blog back) for all that.


Okay so I’m going to be honest with myself, this is definitely not ‘pillar box red’. I would say this was much more of a peachy pink, but hey, it’s not bad. Next time I will just need to be prepared to do a few more coats to achieve the colour I want.


This is definitely much more of a lilac than ‘violet’. I think that I am happy with this though because I was wanting to focus on pastel colours. I will again just need to be aware of how many coats it will take for a vibrant colour!

Overall I am pretty happy, I think the colours go particularly well together an look at how well their backs turned out!


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