The burial

After I skinned the poor broken rat, I threw its old body into the trash without thinking about it. Later I lay in bed and thought about how bad I felt for this. This rats body had its brain, heart and soul in it and I just threw it in the trash with the rest of our rubbish. That night I decided that I wanted to do it a proper burial. I wanted to show its broken body that I respected it.

First I found this beautiful spot which I thought would be perfect. It’s a lovely little woodland trail on my way to uni which huge, old trees and it’s just amazing in autumn. The perfect place to bury a friend.

I found a spot that I liked behind a big tree. It was next to a fallen branch which a squirrel ran across as I walked past. I chose the right bit of ground and dug a small little hole, surrounding the entrance with brown and orange leaves and filling the centre with yellow. A beautiful little bed for a king.

I then put his little broken body into his bed, lighting candles and incense in respect. I sprinkled ‘eternal life’ dried tea over his body and covered him with more yellow leaves. I then refilled the grave and sprinkled some more tea on the top. Overall this took about an hour and I made some short films ~

part one ~ location ~

part two ~ the final resting place ~

part three ~ laying the body to rest ~

part four ~ paying my last respects ~

part five ~ eternal life ~

part 6 ~ saying goodbye ~

part 7 ~ back to earth ~

The whole ceremony felt very peaceful and ambient, it would have been nice to do it during sunset or sunrise so the light would’ve been a little dimmer but I enjoyed the noises of the animals and the bright vibrance of the sun.

As I walked away, I looked back and saw that it was where it should be, wild in nature, without human control.


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