Broken rat

You’ve seen the photo of me holding a rat with a big poo coming out its bum? Well, when I stopped laughing about that and put it on the table to operate, I noticed there were a few strange things about it.

First I noticed that the nose had a big cut across it, so big that you could actually peel the nose back! First I was a bit grossed out and worried that this would ruin the appearance of the rat wen stuffed, but then I began to think about the pain the rat must of been in with this injury and it made me feel a little bit sad.

I then realised that the rat had an even bigger cut on its leg, you could actually see the tendons! I gave the foot and was so sad to realise that it’s leg was broken.

When I didn’t think it could get any worse I found thIs cut on its arm, which was very similar to the leg but without the broken bone, thank goodness!

This got me thinking again about how poorly these animals are treated and all in the small cause to feed pet snakes. This made me want to give the most beautiful reincarnation to this rat. I will take its broken skin and turn it into the centre piece for my sleeping for rats. I will sew together its wounds, dye it the most vibrant colours I can and make it the best thing I have ever done.

I will try and make up for the human cruelty that has been done to it.


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