Bon bons


These are the first few proper colour experiment rats I’ve done and I feel like they’re going really well. When I look at them their bright, soft colours make them appear beautiful and pretty, almost i think, like sweets.

I have come to realise a beautiful naivety in my work recently. I feel that I have taken a gorey, scary craft and made it into something friendly and happy that everyone seems to love. I have taken the fear out of taxidermy and rats, both being quite terrifying!

I feel that this is something that I would really like to continue in my work, it’s like looking in the bright side. You can find beauty in everything if you look hard enough and this is a prime example. These naive little creates can also bring a lot of meaning with them, for example the rat nailed to my wall.

I think being happy and looking on the bright side are also strong characters in my personality, so creating work like this feels very natural. I would like to create an otherworldly and magic experience for the viewer that is full sensory and mind altering. Helping everyone look at the good things in life!


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