Piece of pavlova

So far in my work I have only been taking colour inspiration from this piece, I want to start looking more at the actual shapes of the work.

The painting shows the ballerina Anna Pavlova who in 1912 danced in Leeds, Turners home, three times. The performance was named at the time as ‘The event of the century’. He uses block and angry cubist lines to trace the elegant dancers movement. The fragmented and multiplied body of the dancer gives an intense sense of her passage through space, whilst confusing our minds and making us think.

I want to begin thinking about creating a large scale picture in a similar way but with rats as the area of block colour. I need to decide on an image first, as it needs to be powerful and full of meaning. The image will take a lot of planning to create, due to the size needed (must be big enough to make sense as an image from far away) I need to also intricately draw the image many times so I know the exact amount of rats needed and where they will all go. It will take a very long time to create this many rats so I will need a lot of patience.

I think I will begin to look at other images that are very confusing up close but make more sense from far away as I need to understand the use of colour and line, as well as use of subject.


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