I can’t be stopped

I’ve only gone and done another one. This is the fourth out of the little sleepy circle rats, meaning only 8 more to go! Once I have 12 I can mount them on my canvas’s ready for the exhibition, what fun.


Ideally I would like to get all of the 12 rats done in the next 1-2 weeks as they have a couple of weeks drying time which I will otherwise not have time for, although if worst comes to
Worst I may be able to speed this time up by using something like a hairdryer.

Used the ‘Apple green’ dye today at an attempt to create a green rat. I had not used this dye before so I was unsure what to expect but the dye colour in gunge form was very emerald green so I expected it to
Be quite dark. The colour thy has come out is very similar to the lagoon blue, just a little bit more greeny. The colour has come out beautifully on the tail though and I’m sure I could create a more intense colour with a few more coats!


4 thoughts on “I can’t be stopped

    1. Im so glad to hear! At the moment im working with the idea of naivety and human selfishness, you should have a look at some of my other blogs!

      1. Ah wow that’s such an interesting topic! And such an imaginitve way to explore it! I defo will do 🙂

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