Production line

I got a lot done today, yay!
I had two skinned rats ready to become immortal and I felt dangerous, so I thought hey, let’s do them all today! Usually it takes about three hours to stuff a rat after the skinning stage and I managed to get this down to two, having done two in four hours!

I decided to dye one of the rats ‘sunset’ colours (yellow and pink) to go with the midnight rat and the other one I decided to try out my new orange dye. Here you can see them looking vey deflated and spooning.

The sunset rat was a great success, the colours came out perfectly and I didn’t need to redo them at all! The stuffing was very quick and easy, I think I’m really getting the hang of it.

And look how perfect it looks with the midnight rat! I stuffed it on the same side so that when I mound them on the canvas they can face eachother like this with their tails curling in different directions. Perfect.

And here’s how the Orange one turned out! I would say more of a duckling colour, but still very cute and I think the tail is quite obviously orange, it could maybe be left of for longer or mixed with a bit of red for a more orangey tone? There is also a strange story behind this rat. I skinned it on Halloween and I am sure it is possessed! When I was skinning it I realised its ears and little rat balls were very hard (they are usually soft) and when I skinned it’s eyelid it had a very creepy, hard, white eye (usually red and jelly like). It could of had something to do with being refrozen too much but I’m definitely going to go with possessed.

But overall a very productive day, I hope there are many more to come!


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