Reincarnation and respect

I read this book recently and I absolutely loved it. It’s all about reincarnation and old souls, something I’m very interested in. I don’t know a huge amount about reincarnation, I briefly looked at it when I was taught religion when I was younger, but the mention of it grabs my attention. I am not a religious person but once had an ‘epiphany’ like dream that was all to do with reincarnation, so I am always fascinated to hear about it.

I kinda like to think that I am reincarnating my rats into
New beings. I am turning them into beautiful, immortal rat gods, ridding them of their rotting body and giving them a new sterile one, which will last forever.

I have been thinking about ways to make the stuffing of my rats more ritualistic and meaningful, perhaps even like an Egyptian mummy, the rats could contain artefacts to take them to the netherworld. My first thought was herbs and spices, I could fill the new, clean body with beautiful smells that also come with meaning. I could also use more natural materials for the stuffing such as fine straw. All these things I will need to research up on in order to carry out a more powerful practice.


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