Broken freezer, broken heart

So recently I managed to get hold of a freezer for free, meaning that I could finally get some proper work started. I organised with a friend to help me get the freezer to uni and once I had got it PAC tested and up and running I went out and bought 20 large frozen rats to fill it up. Everything was wonderful and I was so happy to start doing work again.


One week later and I realised that the freezer had shut off, the inside was defrosted and filled with 20 stinky rat corpses, what a disaster!

It was pretty rough getting rid of the stinky rats, I needed to wheel the whole freezer outside in order to even open it (yes it was that stinky). I wore a face mask and some huge gloves and held my breath and got those rats out of there as fast as I could!

I am now rid of the stinky freezer, but that has caused some problems. I have organised with my lovely housemates to let me keep a few rats in the freezer but I do feel pretty mean (who would want dead rats next to their food) and I can only fit five at a time in, so this is a very short term option. Luckily I have just ordered a new freezer which should be with me on the 14th! That is a little way away and I may need to stock up on rats before then but hey, better late than never.

And while I await my shiny new freezer look how cute and lovely my space is! Everything is everywhere (just the way I like it) and very homely. I think I will need some storage space at some point but for now I’m happy with this.

My table is also beginning to get covered in dye, everything is lovely and colourful and there is a definite rat stink in the air. Fabulous.


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