First ombré rat

dyed my first ombré rat yesterday! I went for colours blue and purple (the midnight rat) but I was very unsure how it would turn out. The rat that is nailed to the wall in my previous blog is a prime example of the dyes often not coming out as you think. For that rat I used the same blue as I am using now and clearly it didn’t come out as dark as it should of. That is because the rats hair has a lot of natural oil on it that protects it from the conditioner, as well as it being difficult dying on white anyway. But when I dyed this rat I use a few techniques such as hair drying to make the colours more intense (making the dye warm helps it to hold in the hair), although I had never used the purple dye before so I wasn’t quite sure what I was working with.

I washed the dye out and was pretty disappointed with the purple, it was more of a lilac silver. The blue on the other hand was much brighter than the rat I had done the other day, so I decided to redye the purple on order to boost the colour to match the blue more. A second redye did a much better job and I was a lot happier with the results! And here the rat is stuffed ~

He’s all wrapped up to dry in correct position and will have to stay like this for a few weeks!

I’m really happy how the tail turned out, I thought id try out something new and I think it is very effective. I am thinking of putting this rat and maybe 1/2 others on my rectangle canvas in Damien hirst fashion, all with ombré dye and cornelian tails.

The dyes also created some really interesting patterns on the inside of the skin. Here you can see the contrast of the soft and pretty outside to the sticky, spongey inside.

I will skin another rat tonight to be turned into another ombré rat on Monday!


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