A little look at my thought process.

Over summer I begun to think about ways to display taxidermy that were meaningful and served a purpose. I came up with this idea that shows life after death, the circle of life, useful from useless. I was careful to use herbs as they come with so much meaning and they create a sensory experience. I feel like this work is uplifting and hopeful and I enjoyed the challenge of making it! And now they’re…

,… Not looking so good. A few months down the line and they’re not so uplifting anymore. I did try my best to keep them alive but doom and gloom won and they have died. The thyme was the first to go, then the rosemary and finally the corriander. The rats are also shrunken and shriveled as if they have had the life sucked out of them by these parasites. I would love to have another go at them though with my new knowledge and will be having a second go for…

… Our exhibition! It is titled substance (which fits perfectly with the flower pot rats) and it will be on the 12th of December! I will have to make the flower rats a few days before the exhibition to ensure they are still alive for the opening. My idea is to let the slowly shrivel and die over the one week long exhibition, meaning that if it is revisited the experience will be changed. Oh and you see that rat on the front…

…I’m also thinking of including that guy but X13 to be mounted on canvas and displayed in a similar way to Damien hirsts spot paintings. Speaking of exhibitions, I’ve been to a few lately…

…This is from the Freize exhibition in London. It is by Thomas grunfeld and it was one of my favourite pieces. The finish that he has achieved is similar to what I would like the backgrounds of my Damien hirstesque rats. Another gallery I visited was…

… The Tate britian! Somehow it was my first time visiting and this was my favourite piece from it, ‘mirror by frank bowling. I love the use of colours, particularly the gold and the creepy painting style of the figures. Also in the Tate I found this treasure…

…a postcard of one of the pictures I liked. I actually bought a few of these (actually quite a lot) and decided to take pictures of them against autumn scenes to show the change in seasons. At the Tate I also found…

…Something to use for my project! If been looking for a cubist, pastel painting for ages and here one is! It is called pavlova (great) by Bruce turner created in 1912. I will use this as my inspiration for my project, taking inspiration from the colours and use of line. I want to create something similar to…

…the creepy body ‘paintings’ in Hannibal the TV series. Similar to my Damien hirst spot idea, I would create a hanging sculpture that from far away would create an image through the use of colour and line. And something I did yesterday…

…inspired by the cubism colours I created a pastel green rat which I have nailed to my wall. The harshness of the nail contrasts starkly with the soft delicateness of the rat. I would like to create 5 of these using different pastel colours!


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