Freize exhibition

I went to the magical land of London the other day and had an absolutely fabulous time.

I began with a relaxing afternoon of wandering round Camden market, drinking expensive tea and inhaling excessive amounts of incense while my eyes soaked up all the colours and crazy people. I knew that what was I store for me at the Freize exhibition would be very intense and I was not wrong.

It turned out to be a crazy hour and a half of running around 3 huge warehouses of art in the search of enlightenment and something tasty for the eyes. Here are some of my favourites ~



I do believe this guys name is Thomas Grunfeld and isn’t this strange big thing great and hey look you can see me and my good pal magdas reflection in it. I was particularly drawn to this piece because of its clean cool surface, completely perfect. When you have a closer look all these little eyes are staring out at you, stuck forever. Brilliant.


Oh I do love a bit of ceramics and these fabulous pieces are by Takuro kuwata. I was instantly attracted to the colours and the use of materials and glazes. They look like huge sweets that would probably taste very claylike and gross. The merging of colours intrigues me and makes me ask myself for the millionth time ‘why did I never get into ceramics?’.


This piece by Enrico David entranced me with its size. It was huge! I’m not quite sure what the medium is by my golly it’s wonderful. I love the use of negatives, something I’ve never tried before.


I do believe that this is also by Thomas Grunfeld (due to the very similar appearance) and I think I like this one even more! Unfortunately the piece wasn’t displayed in such a nice way as the first one, simply leaning against the wall as if it had been accidentally left there (I’m very particular about correct presentation) but the use of materials is amazing!



Now I usually wouldn’t be drawn to something like this, but this piece by Xiang jing was so impressive! It was a huuuuuge painting that must of consisted of like 30 of these little jellyfish things, woah. I was also drawn by the use of colour and marbling which was very pleasant on the eyes.



I haven’t experienced a lot of collage in art galleries but I really enjoyed this one by Jiri dokoupil. The colour scheme and the business of the piece really intrigued me and I spent a good few minutes (of out rushed hour and a half) gazing at it.



This sculpture by Wangechi mucu was another one that impressed me with its size, it must of been taller than me! When taking a closer look you can see all of the intricate detail and care that went into this colourful and magic feast for the eyes.


Had I seen this painting by Sheila hicks without having prior knowledge of it I may have walked straight past it, but recognition made me walk back and look. I’m sure that I saw a series of similar works by this artist in the famous ‘jutapoz’ magazine. I’m sure that this wasn’t my favourite of her collection but hey, it’s still fun!


I absolutely loved the gloss finish in this painting. The flawless, liquid like affect is wonderful and the way the two colours meet, magical. I need to look closer into Gary Hume’s work as I would love to create a similar gloss surface for my Damien hirstesque pieces.


This is just a very small and beautiful part of work. I was very attracted to the use of colour an the blending techniques. Good job!



Here’s a bit more collage for your eyes, unfortunately I’m not sure who it is by but The soft and delicate drawings are touching and sensitive it their wobbly one liner whilst the mix media is stark and contrasting. I particularly like the use of thread for tears, it is very powerful.


Some more ceramics! Unfortunately I don’t know who this piece is by because for some ungodly reason it was names less but I won’t love it any less for that. I particularly like this photo I took of it, it is very eerie and ghost like.




This was one of my favourite pieces in the exhibition and one of the last ones I saw. I think it is by Sebastian stohrer and isn’t it great! I really love the effect of heavily layered paint and it worked so well here with the colour combinations, especially in the woman’s face. I would love to look at more of this artists work, I think it’s brilliant!

Overall all a very successful trip with lots of inspiration and running around, I can’t wait to return.


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