Sleepy pink rat

The other day I skinned a rat, unsure what I wanted to do with it’s skin. After thinking about it for a while I decided that I wanted to use it as a practice rat. Although I feel fully involved in taxidermy I have only stuffed a few rats, so I had a think about what I needed to improve on. In preparation for my new found hobby I bought a few dyes to make rats similar to the blue one in my field final piece last year. I thought if would be a good idea to try out the pink as it is very bright and I wanted to test what shade it would come out. I thought that the sleeping curled up pose that I tried for the rosemary plant pot rat also worked really well and it is something I would like to improve on, so I decided to go for that! And look how it turned out!

This gave me the idea to create paintings/rats on canvases, very similar to Damien hirst spot paintings ~

But with the spots as multicoloured sleeping rats! I have drawn up a rough I des of how this might look ~


I think I will start with a 9 rat canvas, meaning I need to stuff 8 more rats pronto! I would really love to take this further, producing numerous series with different numbers of rats. I want the canvas to be full of colour with a bright background and a thick strong frame. I’m super excited about this, all I new to do now is get a freezer so I can start work!


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