Summer project overview

I have just completed the last rat and there is lots to be happy about!

Now that I have finished all three I want to take a quick over view about what did and didn’t work out for me and what I would change in the future.

Okay, so lets start with the first rat I did, thyme. I feel that this was the most difficult position that I picked and obviously had trouble fitting the plant and this was the first time I had ever done it.

A problem I only found later with the thyme is that it is a seasonal plant, meaning that it dies back in autumn, even indoors. I am also worried that when I was I steering the plant I may have been a bit too rough with the roots and, or accidentally got borax on the plant. But what I have been left with is a pretty dead plant that will most likely have to be replaced (if I can manage it) or started again from the beginning with my new knowledge.

I was also a little bit lazy in the stuffing of this rat, deciding not to insert a metal
Frame into the body. This was a huge mistake as it meant there was nothing to hold the legs in shape. I ended up using a needle at the end to hold the leg up, but this meant loosing some fur on the leg and also being left with ugly cuts. When the body has dried enough I will cut the needle down to hide it. I will never again skip this step!

Despite the problems I had, I am proud of this rat as it it the first one I have done in ages. I also began pinning the days down to dry, which you can see in all photos. This was a good decision as it helps the rats to dry in the desired shape properly.
So, next I began the coriander rat. This was also a fairly difficult position but possibly that rat the I felt went the most successfully. The plant is still alive, which is great! The skin around the plant has also dried perfectly, meaning there will be no rotting.


I am very happy with how this guys feet have turned out! Although try are a bit black and shrivelled (that’s okay, they’re meant to be dead right?) I’m super happy with their position.

So pretty much all was good with this fella. All I have to complain about is the eyes, which I didn’t quite pay enough attention to when they were setting.

So lastly the newest rat on the block, rosemary.

All is pretty good at the moment, because he hasn’t had time to dry and go wrong, but I am a little worried about this plant dying similar to the thyme because it did get a little borax on it! But I have given it a wash an lets keep our fingers crossed. So far I am very happy with the foot position, but again well have to see how that dries.

20140910-233247.jpg and the same with the eyes!

20140910-233324.jpg I’m just hoping the rosemary will hold out!



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