The bridge, final piece

For my sculpture seminar I wanted to change this space…

Into a bright happy area that was a colourful and exciting party of the city/community. I wanted the new area to contrast highly with the old area making it a shock to passers by.

I had chosen to paint one wall using poster paints. This meant that the area would become temporarily transformed as the paint would was off in the rain.

As I was working lots of people walked past and expressed their interest and excitement! I heard ‘why don’t you do all of it?’ And lots of ‘well done’s’.

The paints all dripped and ran together which created a really beautiful effect!

And we were even lucky enough to see some swans.

Lastly I began to pin up some colourful wall hangings. This made the dirty, muddy bridge transform into a home.

With the addition of a few rugs, blankets and pillows our little den was finished! A few strangers even came and sat in it with us! I feel like I’ve really accomplished what I wanted and my only regret is that we couldn’t leave it all there! I think that this is definitely something I would like to do again.


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