reflection on constellation

I know that constellation is a new part of our course, so i was kind of unprepared for it. I sometimes found the sessions difficult to attend as they were situated on the Landaff site, a bus ride away. Despite the slightly difficult journeys i found the lecutures at the beginning of the year very interesting. It was a chance to see people i had never seen before and to have a very formal, controlled part of the course. The lectures were always very interesting, and often about things i didnt know about, due to the diversity of the students.

The study skill sessions i found a bit harder. Although i had never referenced essays before i didn’t feel i needed a two hour long study session on how to do it. i didn’t find the sessions very enjoyable, possibly because i was with a lot of people a i didnt know and the tutors like you to be very interactive (which i don’t like to do), and of course there was the 9:00am start which was pretty painful!! I tried to attend as many sessions as i could but i really lacked the motivation.

Then we began the study options. This is where constellation really picked up for me. i knew instantly that i wanted to do the ‘Embodiment’ choice, and really couldn’t imagine doing any of the others!! i definitely learnt a lot form this option and gained a completely new prospective on the way i work. This is all i could have ever asked out of constellation, with a great tutor and an essay that i really enjoyed writing! Next year i will try to attend more sessions, i think this will be a lot easier because of our move to the Landaff site,meaning it will not disrupt my other work at all!


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