Reflection on field

I began the field project with a lot of confusion. I knew that we would be in mixed specialism groups but was unaware of the personal field project. The realisation of this was worrying but also exciting, it meant that I would be able to develop my own ideas as well as think in a group.

I was skeptical about working in a group as I know that I am not always a team player. Although when I was put into my group I felt a lot more comfortable. We were a group of four, one a close friend, one an acquaintance , the last a stranger. We all got on instantly, chatting about the project and our ideas. Our ideas were quite varied but we managed to find similar interests by making compromises. Some members of the group found compromising difficult as they were unused to the idea of working in a new way but we managed to sort it out quick enough. We gained a new member to the group who was also a friend, bringing new ideas to the group. There were positives and negatives to having friends in the group, it was easy and comfortable to discuss ideas but at the same time I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Like any group we did have arguments and falling outs, although I believe that these made our group stronger. We all worked really hard, teaching each other new skills and pushing everyone forward. Overall I was happy with how our project went and the presentation turned out. It maybe wasn’t what I would have preferred to create but compromises needed to be made in order for the group to work. I got on with everyone’s in the group and I feel that we are now all close friends! Another huge positive of the project was that it reinforced my preference to sculpture. I had been dabbling in other areas of fine art, and this project reminded me where my loyalties really lie. It was a very tiresome and stressful project but we pulled through to the end!

I had a lot of fun with my personal project. I began by choosing the sub topic ‘power and technology’, which put me into my group project group. From here I chose subversion. I was very unsure what I wanted to come out of the project and I felt I had a lot of freedom with it. I knew that I wanted to try out taxidermy for the first time (now or never!) and I’m so happy that I did! I slowly began to merge my project with flowers in the city, portraying them as subversive characters in society. From this point I feel that my ideas picked up a lot more. I began to create pieces that I really loved (mostly sculpture based, captured with photography). I then created my first taxidermy piece which was such a big leap for me. This made the whole project seem positive and worth while! I absolutely love my final pieces for this project and would not change them for anything!
Overall this project went really really well! I think at the beginning I should have done a bit more research and had a quicker start, but I don’t think this has hindered me too much. I am mostly just very proud of myself for creating taxidermy pieces. This is something I will definitely carry on!


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