piles of Tedium

These may look like nothing, just piles of meaningless rubble but to me they represent tedium!

Remember these guys? See the plaster mould that I made around them, these piles are their ugly sister. The plaster that I was given was slightly ‘gone off’ meaning that their were big and small lumps in the bag with the plaster powder. These lumps were not aloud to go into the mould and therefore has to be removed piece by piece from the plaster mixture. This meant covering my hands with plaster to frantically pull it as many lumps as possible.

I feel that these piles represent my will power to carry on even when the work I was doing was difficult and uninteresting. They remind me that it is always worth it in the end and it also shocks me how many rocks there were in the plaster bag!
Finally they tell me that some good can come out of bad things. My plaster moulds fell through but I was left with these great little sculptures that are full of much more meaning.


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