This is me (bottom) and my sister (above). i wanted to take photos of us both holding our favorite flowers, which also showed our special bond as well as our likenesses and differences. To me this is a very meaningful picture as my sister means the world to me, and i feel that the flowers we have chosen describe us almost perfectly. The background is a wallpaper that we have in our house, and i personally find it beautiful. Even though it is peeling and badly glued, it has been the background to our lives for the last 15 years.

I chose a Daffodil because it symbolizes the start of spring and that means sunshine and happiness! i find it pretty hard to get through the winter months, but when one of these pops up you know its all uphill from there. Yellow is also my all time favorite colour, for pretty much the same reasons! i feel like it does also describe my personality, happy, excited, colourful, but not round for long. 

My sister chose Quine Blossom because of its delicate appearance. it has a very oriental look to it which she finds beautiful. Although she is not a big fan of pink, this vibrant colour is almost red. She also admires the way that the blossoms are not around for long, with strong gusts of wing they can dissapear just a fast as they came and leave behind them a beautiful fruit in their stead. This she feels suits her personality, practical and useful but with an overlying elegance.


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