Delicate Soul (part 2)

I said id do it and i did!


Bright, yellow, Kerria japonica may represent a positive and energetic personality. Considering the four temperaments, Japonica could be thought as sanguine.


Loud, purple, Lilac can represent an extroverted and extravagant personality.considering the four temperaments, Lilac could be thought as choleric.


shy, pale, Lily of the valley could portray an introverted, and cautious personality. considering the four temperaments, Lily of the valley may represent Melancholic.


Gentle, calm, Forget me not may show a personality that is thoughtful, and content. considering the four temperaments, forget me nots could portray phlegmatic.

Dare i say more to come? i have thoroughly enjoyed these and might even thing about using them as another final piece.


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